New Year’s Driving Resolutions: Be a Better Driver in 2019!

New Year's Driving Tips
New Year's Driving Tips

You have resolved to saying “no” to second helpings. You are committed to spending less money at restaurants and more time cooking family meals at home. You are telling yourself you’re going to start telling Netflix “no” when it asks if you’re still there. But, how about some New Year’s driving resolutions as well? The world could always use a few more great drivers on the roads!


Say No to Speeding

It’s tempting to inch up past 70, then 75, then 80 mph when you’re cruising down the freeway. But, the habit of speeding is a wildly unsafe one. Speeding decreases your reaction time and can increase the severity of a crash. Not to mention, it can come with a hefty financial fine as well. Say no to speeding in 2019.


Put Down the Device

Phones are fun. Phones have great stuff in them. Phones are incredibly dangerous when wielded by a driver. Resolve to leave your phone in your bag or somewhere else out of sight when you’re on the road. Put down the device in 2019.


Practice Kindness on the Road

Yes, they are cutting you off. Yes, they should have tried to merge a mile ago. Yes, the world is full of inconsiderate drivers. But, you can match them by displaying a little bit of patience and generosity, thereby making the road less stressful and safer for us all. Practice kindness on the road in 2019.


Here at our Atzenhoffer dealerships, we wish you and your loved ones a safe and enjoyable new year in 2019.

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