Silverado Drivers Find Their Match on Facebook

2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD | Victoria, TX

According to a study done by a Stanford professor, most modern couples meet online. In our connected world, this isn’t too surprising, especially considering many people work from home and take online classes. There are a wide range of online dating apps and sites you can use, including Facebook. While you might shy away from a Facebook dating service, it seems others are finding their perfect match on the social media site.

Late last year, two Silverado drivers found their perfect match on Facebook. However, it wasn’t to start dating. Uziel Valles and John Payan both owned a Silverado. One drove a white model with a yellow hood, while the other drove a yellow Silverado with a white hood.

Valles, the owner of the mostly white Silverado, posted in the Denver Dropped Trucks Facebook group that he was looking to trade his yellow hood with someone who had a white or black hood. Payan’s friend tagged him in the comments and Payan commented that he had exactly what Valles was looking for.

The two met up and exchanged their mismatched hoods and left with the monochromatic trucks they wanted. According to Jalopnik, the meet ended up creating more than just two matching trucks, it created a friendship. The two men still chat with each other on occasion.

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