Head to the Houston St. Patrick’s Parade

St. Patricks Day Clover

Looking for a way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this March? Every year, Houston puts on one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the nation, spanning two hours and a 60-year history. This year, there will even be an all-new route for the Houston St. Patrick’s Parade, so make your way to this rain-or-shine event on Saturday, March 16.


Every year, the Houston St. Patrick’s Parade features over 100 entries for audiences to enjoy. It first began in Houston’s “Irish Town” in the 1880s, when people would follow the parade to the pubs at Market Square where they would spend the day eating good food, drinking with friends, and playing games. Despite tough times through the Depression and other financial hardships, the parade has continuously been supported and uplifted by the community for its message of bringing everyone together to “be Irish for the day.”


So mark your calendar to come to the Houston St. Patrick’s Parade at noon on March 16th. Pat Duane is the Grand Marshal for 2019, and members of the local community can feel free to sign up to be in the parade every year. This is truly an experience about bringing everyone together for St. Patrick’s Day weekend, and we at Atzenhoffer hope to see you there. Share your experiences with us, and stop in to Experience the Atzenhoffer Difference! 

Creative Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Couple Driving

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it is time to show your significant other how much you love them. Surprise him or her with one of these unique date ideas for Valentine’s Day.


What better way to get cozy than next to a fire? If your backyard allows, gather up some firewood and make some s’mores. You could even head down to the beach.


Instead of just going to a club, impress your love with some legitimate dance moves. Sign up for a couples’ dance class. Try Let’s Dance Victoria.

Ghost Tour

You will be holding on to each other a little tighter after a spooky tour. Try the Yorktown Memorial Hospital in nearby Yorktown.


Expand your horizons by taking a walk through a local museum. Here in Victoria, we have the Museum of the Coastal Bend, the Nave Museum, the Five Points Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Art Car Victoria Museum.

Themed Night

If you want to spend Valentine’s Day at home, you can still make things exciting with a themed night in. Pick out a romantic movie and plan a creative dinner that ties it all together. For example, watch Roman Holiday and make a big Italian dinner.

Here at Atzenhoffer Automotive, we wish you and your significant other a happy Valentine’s Day.

New Year’s Driving Resolutions: Be a Better Driver in 2019!

New Year's Driving Tips

You have resolved to saying “no” to second helpings. You are committed to spending less money at restaurants and more time cooking family meals at home. You are telling yourself you’re going to start telling Netflix “no” when it asks if you’re still there. But, how about some New Year’s driving resolutions as well? The world could always use a few more great drivers on the roads!


Say No to Speeding

It’s tempting to inch up past 70, then 75, then 80 mph when you’re cruising down the freeway. But, the habit of speeding is a wildly unsafe one. Speeding decreases your reaction time and can increase the severity of a crash. Not to mention, it can come with a hefty financial fine as well. Say no to speeding in 2019.


Put Down the Device

Phones are fun. Phones have great stuff in them. Phones are incredibly dangerous when wielded by a driver. Resolve to leave your phone in your bag or somewhere else out of sight when you’re on the road. Put down the device in 2019.


Practice Kindness on the Road

Yes, they are cutting you off. Yes, they should have tried to merge a mile ago. Yes, the world is full of inconsiderate drivers. But, you can match them by displaying a little bit of patience and generosity, thereby making the road less stressful and safer for us all. Practice kindness on the road in 2019.


Here at our Atzenhoffer dealerships, we wish you and your loved ones a safe and enjoyable new year in 2019.

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