What to Check on Your Car After an Accident

Car Accident | Victoria, TXIf you got into a car accident, it’s important to make sure firstly that you and your passengers are alright and then to inspect your car to see if any repairs are needed. Even if it was just a fender bender, take the time to check the following parts on your car after your accident.

Seat belts

Once an air bag deploys, you likely already know that you need to replace it. But did you know you probably need to get new seat belts too? This is because your seat belt system may have a fault error code after a severe collision. Be sure to have the experts at the Atzenhoffer Collision Center inspect the seat belts any time an air bag deploys.

Driver-assistance features

Driver-assistance features help prevent collisions from occurring. However, if an accident does happen, these features can stop working properly, and this can put you at risk when you get on the road again. Our service technicians can restore your safety systems as needed.


If your car suddenly starts shaking or making odd noises after an accident, this may mean that major suspension components are now a few degrees off. Even if your car is still drivable, you’ll want to have the suspension fixed soon.

Schedule an appointment at the Atzenhoffer Collision Center in Victoria, Texas, and we’ll handle all of your repairs.